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Underwater colonies tend to be built into sturdy cliff sides, with massive trade districts behind huge thirty meter tall triple-paned walls of glass which give a view of the exterior seas and their submarine docking facilities, showing the bounty of the ocean as well as the beauty of the undersea forests in the sub glacial Sea of Asgard.


Aquilon was born alongside the first generation of humanity to never see earth. It began life as a research station situated on the Perpetua Glacier. At that time it was simply known as Glacier Run. The facility dug into the ice below for storage space, and eventually was forced to use that same space for living quarters as colonists moved north.


Aquilon's defining moment came when an outbreak of animus caused the residents of Glacier Run to seek shelter in their buried storage facilities. Trapped beneath the ice for more than a year, the colonists were forced to make due with whatever they had available. Necessity saw the invention of space and resource rationing techniques that would turn a casual scientific outpost into a culture of extreme efficiency. When the animus threat was cleared from the surface, many of those underneath the ice decided not to return. These one time storage facilities were expanded into the city of Deep Aquilon. Those who chose to return to the surface began to explore the furthest reaches of their frozen homeland while the inhabitants of Deep Aquilon set their sights on the bottom of the ocean.


The Aquilonians were earning a reputation as explorers and visionaries, with many other colonists admiring them. They lost much of their appeal when they drafted a national military spearheaded by their recently formed knightly order, the Templar Aquilonia. Turning their scientific might to the development of high energy weapons, the Aquilonians earned a reputation as warmongers among some factions as these developments were widely unpopular outside of the Kingdom of Ice. These fears proved mostly unfounded, as Aquilon focused more on internal protection than external violence.


In more recent times, Aquilon has worried the global community with its ever increasing rivalry with Xanadu. As two of the most powerful factions on the moon, an impending war between the two could be disastrous for more than simply the factions involved. The Nations of Aquilon and Xanadu have an uneasy relationship. Both are members of the Avalon Council, but they are often at opposite ends of discussion. Making things worse is the fact that both factions compete in the production of state of the art technology, and each has some of the best academic institutions in the world. The factions see each other as rivals both economically and culturally.


For now, Aquilon seems content to be seen as the slightly eccentric visionary of the world. They still push the bounds of science. Though they do not always go as far as the Quisivati, their wares are often much more useful in daily life.


What few outside of the frozen north are aware of is that Aquilon cannot claim credit for all of their advancements. As the Deep Aquilonians dug ever more into the glacier beneath them, they began to discover a network of tunnels already present. These tunnels appeared to be crafted as living arrangements for some civilization of the past, one that has left behind many artifacts buried in the ice. Some of Aquilon's biggest scientific advancements were simply the result of researching the many strange finds that they dig up in their ever expanding empire.

What is The New Horizon?

Your distant ancestors weren’t born under Eridani, like you. Hard as it for some believe, they were born under the light of a softer, more yellow star almost ten light years away. Even though the world they called Earth had suffered a savage blow, they came not as refugees, but settlers. Intent on spreading humanities seed to the stars.


Your forebears didn’t tame this world, so much as they struggled to make it livable for all the generations to come, from the day they landed on this world until they day you were born into it.


Humanity's place on this wild new world has become an almost assured thing, with many strong, technologically advanced and well-defended cities acting as almost unassailable bastions of the Earths children.


Our place has already been carved out in this world. Now the time has come for the brave young men and women of New Horizon to step out of our comfortable cities, to pave the way for a greater future by unraveling the puzzles of this world's long and tortured past.

They come from all corners of the globe and all walks of life. Some call them Walkers, others Ronin. Some eschew romanticism and simply call them what they are, adventurers.


These adventurers, whether they travel the world in search of fame, gold or glory, all share one thing in common: They can feel that a change is coming to this world. And they all turn their eyes towards the future, eager to meet the new challenge.


When your ancestors landed, the greatest threat was the savage native wildlife. But since the day they came to this world, little by little, strange and otherworldly phenomena called ‘aether’ have been creeping into the world. Storms of otherworldy energy, space twisting back on itself and bottomless fonts of water and fire now plague the land.


New Horizon is no tame world. It gives up its secrets only with great reluctance and much blood, sweat and tears. Will you stay within our cities and fight the strange encroaching supernatural phenomena and wildlife, or will you seek to meet it head on in the wild places of the world?



Whether you hail from the progressive north of Aquilon, the Earth nostalgia obsessed League of Xanadu or anywhere between, the world is beckoning you.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a prince or a pauper, your sword can cut through the obstacles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran of war or a civil servant who’s never heard a gun fired in anger in your entire life. The only thing that matters is your desire to affect change.


Whoever you are, and whatever you have been up to today only matter in that they will make what you bring to the table different than what your fellows might bring. Even a trained soldier doesn’t necessarily have the experience with explosives that you, a seasoned blast miner, do.


Adventure awaits you in as many forms as you can imagine, and in this world it will take adventurous souls packaged in shapes and sizes that you might not have considered before. So no matter how unlikely it seems, trust in yourself, and take that first step out of our front door. New Horizon has been waiting a long time, don’t make it wait any longer.