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Underwater colonies tend to be built into sturdy cliff sides, with massive trade districts behind huge thirty meter tall triple-paned walls of glass which give a view of the exterior seas and their submarine docking facilities, showing the bounty of the ocean as well as the beauty of the undersea forests in the sub glacial Sea of Asgard.


Aquilon was born alongside the first generation of humanity to never see earth. It began life as a research station situated on the Perpetua Glacier. At that time it was simply known as Glacier Run. The facility dug into the ice below for storage space, and eventually was forced to use that same space for living quarters as colonists moved north.


Aquilon's defining moment came when an outbreak of animus caused the residents of Glacier Run to seek shelter in their buried storage facilities. Trapped beneath the ice for more than a year, the colonists were forced to make due with whatever they had available. Necessity saw the invention of space and resource rationing techniques that would turn a casual scientific outpost into a culture of extreme efficiency. When the animus threat was cleared from the surface, many of those underneath the ice decided not to return. These one time storage facilities were expanded into the city of Deep Aquilon. Those who chose to return to the surface began to explore the furthest reaches of their frozen homeland while the inhabitants of Deep Aquilon set their sights on the bottom of the ocean.


The Aquilonians were earning a reputation as explorers and visionaries, with many other colonists admiring them. They lost much of their appeal when they drafted a national military spearheaded by their recently formed knightly order, the Templar Aquilonia. Turning their scientific might to the development of high energy weapons, the Aquilonians earned a reputation as warmongers among some factions as these developments were widely unpopular outside of the Kingdom of Ice. These fears proved mostly unfounded, as Aquilon focused more on internal protection than external violence.


In more recent times, Aquilon has worried the global community with its ever increasing rivalry with Xanadu. As two of the most powerful factions on the moon, an impending war between the two could be disastrous for more than simply the factions involved. The Nations of Aquilon and Xanadu have an uneasy relationship. Both are members of the Avalon Council, but they are often at opposite ends of discussion. Making things worse is the fact that both factions compete in the production of state of the art technology, and each has some of the best academic institutions in the world. The factions see each other as rivals both economically and culturally.


For now, Aquilon seems content to be seen as the slightly eccentric visionary of the world. They still push the bounds of science. Though they do not always go as far as the Quisivati, their wares are often much more useful in daily life.


What few outside of the frozen north are aware of is that Aquilon cannot claim credit for all of their advancements. As the Deep Aquilonians dug ever more into the glacier beneath them, they began to discover a network of tunnels already present. These tunnels appeared to be crafted as living arrangements for some civilization of the past, one that has left behind many artifacts buried in the ice. Some of Aquilon's biggest scientific advancements were simply the result of researching the many strange finds that they dig up in their ever expanding empire.

The Slang of New Horizon

New Horizon, like any other place, has accrued many interesting and colorful additions to their day to day language. They vary from place to place as local dialects develop and the overall language grows and mutates. Contained below are an assortment of colorful metaphors for your perusing.


The Act of Darkness: A non-derogatory phrase describing the act of physical love between two species. The origin may have to do with the common notion that lights are off during love making. Usually used to describe human/wafan relations but can also be sued to describe other couplings such as an Aesir and a Jotun. Not derogatory, more of a polite way of implying a stage of a relationship in mixed couples. “It looks like those two are about ready for an act of darkness.”


Apple Peddler: A term for the typical market huckster who tries to sell various 'miraculous' remedies or items. They often sell apple related gimmicks as repellent for native animals, as well as powdered Dire Ram horn to improve a males sexual prowess and restore his thinning hair.


Bantam: Slang usually used by women to describe Aesir males. Jotun females use this most often, but others may as well.


Big Brother/Sister: A phrase uncommonly used by non Jotuns to describe Jotuns. It is occasionally derogatory. “Hey Big Brother, you're blocking the road.”


Birds: Simple slang for women of any race.


The Black Oracle: The Black Oracle is a mysterious figure often used as a threat to keep young children and crechelings in line. “You be good, or the Black Oracle will get you.”


Bobbies: Slang for breasts, derived from the famous actress Bobbie Fay, well known for her personal endowments.


Broken ARM: Members of The Walk of Mans Allied Regional Militia who go out on a mission and simply never return.


Buck: Slang for coffee, Earth origins. Root word was originally believed to originate with a coffee house franchise, but it turns out Herman Buck was a botanist aboard the colony vessel Icarus. He was in charge of recreational plants, and made the establishment of several varieties of coffee plants a priority, making him the father of local coffee. Phrases like a “Bring me back a cup of buck” are common vernacular.


Bucks Beans: These refer to coffee beans, the original supply of those found on New Horizon being supplied by a man named Buckman. Also known as 'Buckmans Blessed Beans.'


Bull: A common term for a Jotun male, non-derogatory.


Bush Tucker: Food gathered from the wild. Hunting and gathering is still a very common way for those living away from large cities to supplement their diets, as well as keep their survival skills sharp.


Chicken: Occasionally refers to actual chicken meat. Usually when someone says a dish contains chicken, it means that your better off not knowing what you're eating and just treasuring your ignorance. There are a lot of things that taste like chicken.


Chrome Plated: A term used to describe wafans, and occasionally prometheans, who are too caught up on their appearance. This is usually derogatory, but sometimes used in a friendly manner to tell someone they are worrying too much about the little things.


Cotton Box: A common, small storage container kept by young girls in the Xanadu region for storing small nonsensical knick knacks that girls collect at that age. These boxes are often kept hidden. This is also the root of the phrase for crazy individuals "he belongs in a cotton box."


Cow: A common term for a Jotun female. Derogatory when directed at pretty much anyone else.


Daddy Bag: Slang for the scrotum. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get in there and kick them in the daddy bags.”


Darkness: To Wafans, darkness is always a thing of dread. They don't fear it per se, but as a people whose very core of being is a radiant core of light, the darkness feels like the absence of life to them psychologically. They will often react to oppressive darkness with the same sort of concern as humans will to restrictive confinement.


Doe: A female Medean, most likely used only to contrast the Medean male slang 'Stag.'


Dog Piss: Vulgar slang for bad beer that's been rendered smelly by overexposure to UV light, replacing the less vulgar historical phrase 'skunk beer.'


Don't blink: A phrase usually uttered when one is under the impression they or a friend are being stalked by persons or animals, especially when they don't want to tip off their possible animal or human tail.


Don't tease the Fueno: A phrase often used to suggest that one might be biting off more than he can chew. A Fueno is the ass end of the food chain, but when angered is more than capable of taking a finger off at the knuckle and leaving a bleeding stump.


Drone: A common term for a Vanir male. Considered extremely derogatory by some.


Downspout: Slang for the penis, origin unknown, though it's not without scientific accuracy.


Enchanted Kingdom, The: Common slang for an insane asylum used in Xanadu, Red Haven and the Walk of Man region. Aquilon and New Chania prefer the term 'Puzzle Factory.'


Foam: Slang for beer. “Lets go get a pint of foam.”


Game Face: An old Earth saying meaning it's time to get serious about what's being done. “Game face, people” or even simply just “Game Face” is an almost sure way to let your companions know it's coming down.


The Gray Oracle alone knows: A phrase often used to convey a sense of bafflement.


Gyne: A female vanir, non derogatory term.


Hen: A common name for an aesir female. Non derogatory. “What's a pretty little hen like you doing in a place like this?”


Hog Leg: Slang for large caliber revolver handguns.


Indies: Locals who have gone indigenous, and become backwards, inbred or hostile to the rest of the population.


Jack: A male Promethean. Contrary to popular belief, the root word of this phrase - while unknown - is not jackass. Though the latter is as often as not applicable to the Promethean in question.


Jenny: A female Promethean.


Little Brother/Sister: A phrase that Jotuns will often use to address members of other races they aren't acquainted with. Rarely ever derogatory. “Excuse me, Little Sister. I didn't see you sitting there.”


Lugnuts: Jotun slang for male genitals. “Well, isn't that a kick in the lugnuts.”


Mazungo: A term which originally meant 'White Man' in an affectionate way in African nations of earth. However on New Horizon it is often colloquially used to refer to anyone outside of your immediate race. It is used to describe Olympians slightly more often than to describe other races. “We? What's this we? Mazungo, you can eat all that crap by yourself. Chicken my eye!”


Mushroom: A person given as little important information, and told as little as necesary for the task at hand. I.E. They're kept in the dark and fed horseshit. "I'm not a god damn mushroom, I need more to go on." Derogatory when referring to others.


Orange Popsicle: The generic orange flavor on New Horizon is particularly bad, and often these will be the last popsicle left in the box. This last one is usually eaten with reluctance. The phrase “The last orange popsicle” frequently refers to the weakest link in a group. For example, a man suffering a grievous head wound in a raiding party might be called 'the orange popsicle' or simple even 'the orange' by the leader of their raiding party. Additionally, 'the orange popsicle' can rafer to a great personal hurdle as well. “Well, I'm not looking forward to seeing the divorce lawyer, but I've got to get my orange popsicle out of the way if I want to move on.”


Ousters: Those who have committed crimes so heinous they're no longer welcome in society. Often used to refer to bandits, pirates or rogue organizations with no regard for international laws or treaties.


Plate: A common term for eating out. “Let’s go get a plate somewhere nice.”


Raping the Ravager: For all their intelligence as predators, Ravagers never seem to get over the fact that cars have enough mass to flatten them like pancakes. Though they can tear a tire to shreds if one isn't careful, simply correcting ones course to introduce a Ravager to ones bumper is usually an acceptable way to deal with a Ravager.


Robot: A machine that maye or may not resemble a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command. An outmoded term outside of factory machinery, which is derogatory when directed at a Wafan, as it implies they are subhuman, or property.


Shrub: A person of limited stature, or purely ornamental purposes. Derogatory.


Sinkhole: A term used to describe the sort of restaurant that would only have its cleanliness worsened by being swallowed by the earth. Typically extremely filthy and owned by staff who barely speak trade English.


Sinkhole Inverse Quality Formula: The worse a Sinkhole restaurant looks, the better its prices and food are. This is not a rumor, but an established scientific fact which holds true for ninety percent of these establishments.


Stag: A male medean. A probable explanation for the origin of the use of the phrase is the early popularity of horns in early Medean males.


Stalker Bait: Men and women who have sought adventure in the wilderness and never returned. Also used melodramatically for anyone planning to camp in the wilderness in general, as the mortality rate is considered unacceptable by less daring city dwellers.


So this is my life now: Melodramatic slang used for situations of mild annoyance or inconvenience. Example: Used when an individual drops their fork at the dinner table and has to ben over to pick it up and then clean it.


Sweepers: Slang for Police in Xanadu, recalls the old phrase 'street sweeper' used as a generic term for automatic weapons.


Tinfolk: Slang for Policemen in the Walk of Man. References their tin plated badges.


Walkers: Young men and women from The Walk of Man traveling and seeking their fortune, as often used negatively as positively. Not all would be adventurers leaves places better than they found them.


We've all passed a lot of water since then: A phrase, seldom considered vulgar despite the implications, used to indicate that all accounts on a subject are moot do to age. Earth origin.


Water of Life: The water from a wafans luminous core, the rough analog of a human brain or heart. If it's ever seen to be leaking, it's usually a very solid sign a Wafan is not long for this world.


The White Oracle: A figure often claimed as the cause of miracles. “To walk away from a crash like that? The White Oracle must have been watching you.”


Zombies: Humans or Wafans afflicted by any number of diseases, fungus or other forms of parasites which take away their normal volition. Typically for purposes of reproduction.