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Underwater colonies tend to be built into sturdy cliff sides, with massive trade districts behind huge thirty meter tall triple-paned walls of glass which give a view of the exterior seas and their submarine docking facilities, showing the bounty of the ocean as well as the beauty of the undersea forests in the sub glacial Sea of Asgard.


Aquilon was born alongside the first generation of humanity to never see earth. It began life as a research station situated on the Perpetua Glacier. At that time it was simply known as Glacier Run. The facility dug into the ice below for storage space, and eventually was forced to use that same space for living quarters as colonists moved north.


Aquilon's defining moment came when an outbreak of animus caused the residents of Glacier Run to seek shelter in their buried storage facilities. Trapped beneath the ice for more than a year, the colonists were forced to make due with whatever they had available. Necessity saw the invention of space and resource rationing techniques that would turn a casual scientific outpost into a culture of extreme efficiency. When the animus threat was cleared from the surface, many of those underneath the ice decided not to return. These one time storage facilities were expanded into the city of Deep Aquilon. Those who chose to return to the surface began to explore the furthest reaches of their frozen homeland while the inhabitants of Deep Aquilon set their sights on the bottom of the ocean.


The Aquilonians were earning a reputation as explorers and visionaries, with many other colonists admiring them. They lost much of their appeal when they drafted a national military spearheaded by their recently formed knightly order, the Templar Aquilonia. Turning their scientific might to the development of high energy weapons, the Aquilonians earned a reputation as warmongers among some factions as these developments were widely unpopular outside of the Kingdom of Ice. These fears proved mostly unfounded, as Aquilon focused more on internal protection than external violence.


In more recent times, Aquilon has worried the global community with its ever increasing rivalry with Xanadu. As two of the most powerful factions on the moon, an impending war between the two could be disastrous for more than simply the factions involved. The Nations of Aquilon and Xanadu have an uneasy relationship. Both are members of the Avalon Council, but they are often at opposite ends of discussion. Making things worse is the fact that both factions compete in the production of state of the art technology, and each has some of the best academic institutions in the world. The factions see each other as rivals both economically and culturally.


For now, Aquilon seems content to be seen as the slightly eccentric visionary of the world. They still push the bounds of science. Though they do not always go as far as the Quisivati, their wares are often much more useful in daily life.


What few outside of the frozen north are aware of is that Aquilon cannot claim credit for all of their advancements. As the Deep Aquilonians dug ever more into the glacier beneath them, they began to discover a network of tunnels already present. These tunnels appeared to be crafted as living arrangements for some civilization of the past, one that has left behind many artifacts buried in the ice. Some of Aquilon's biggest scientific advancements were simply the result of researching the many strange finds that they dig up in their ever expanding empire.

Red Haven

Red Haven


Origin of name: Named for the red cliff walls of the canyon it’s built in.


Form of government: Corporate Administration.


National Color: Crimson and Black.


National Tree: Fig Tree.


National Bird: Cassowary.


Red Haven can be found to the south-east from Xanadu in Neo Titania. The city was originally founded as an out of the way R&D Haven for large corporations, and it is administered by the Red Haven Corporation. Operating outside of The Council of Avalon treaty and its protection or laws, its administrator, the enigmatic vanir businessman Angolmois, provides an environment where powerful development firms can work outside the laws they would find in their home factions. The faction is a virtual dictatorship, Angolmois is the absolute ruler of his corporation, with his Viceroy as his only direct subordinate. Beneath his Viceroy is a standard business hierarchy, with a Board of Directors at their beck and call to handle the day-to-day management tasks.


Founded in 2450, the colony was named Red Haven after the red stone cliffs surrounding this haven for companies wanting to free themselves from the typical political restraints of Avalon. Though many were wary of Red Haven’s stance outside of the Avalon accords, its rapid growth proved the brilliance behind Angolmois’ plan.


Over the next few years, Red Haven expanded at an unprecedented rate, as corporations the world over began sending their more questionable business to the city. The Red Haven Corporation itself doesn’t fall into any of the cut and dry business lines. They make most of their money as administrators of the city, and private consultants to the corporations that choose to do business there. As a result, the Red Haven Corporation has a loose connection to almost every area of business on the moon.


Red Haven is an amazing high-tech sprawl, small in size, but enormous in impact. Its stately, almost other worldly stretch of skyscrapers and glittering pavilions is one of the most striking in all of New Horizon. Its architectural beauty is marred only by the presence of security on every corner. There is no lower class in Red Haven, as even the lowest paid citizen can afford basic meals, medical care and housing well above the minimum standards found elsewhere.


The pay is simply too good for those prepared to not ask questions of their employers.

The morals of the locals tend to be highly flexible, as is the nature of some of the research and business transactions carried out within. Due to this, many people sign non-disclosure agreements. As a result, the locals are notoriously tight-lipped. There are very few native-born citizens; those who are tend to be extremely courteous, and are quickly snapped up by the Red Haven Corporation. The vast majority of the population are transplants.


Red Haven is considered either an extremely progressive or degenerate society, depending on whom you ask. Their theater is top of the global charts, and many of the best troupes in the world, such as Hadley’s Players and Six Irreverent Bastards, hail from there. Their sophisticated cocktails are mimicked the world over, as are their stylish dwellings and comfortable leisurewear. The few locals tend to dress in very sensible loose-knit but tight fitting clothing made from very breathable fabrics, with colors tending towards soft and pleasing tones to contrast the more intense colors of their natural and fabricated surroundings.


Crime of the common sort, like theft or murder, is virtually nonexistent in Red Haven, and in reality its streets are probably safer to walk than any other in the world. Corporate espionage, however, is a far more common crime, with its own intriguing morality. Law Enforcement in Red Haven is both expansive and somewhat arbitrary. The Dawn Watch are an enormous security force with no less than one man for every active corner of the entire city, as well as up to thirty members per building. Violators are dealt with quickly and, typically, with finality in the case of theft or violence.


While Red Haven has no military to speak of, the only real approach to the city is by the air. Over the years they have accumulated the world’s single most powerful network of anti-aircraft batteries, enough to deter even the Xanadian air force.


Despite some of the horrors that occur within Red Haven, much of what they do is necessary, so other factions are tolerant of what is done there for the most part. Over the years, Angolmois has had a strained relationship with Avalon. Though his business practices are sometimes abhorrent to the mother faction, Avalon lacks enough support to make any large scale plays against Red Haven. This is in part because the faction does not seem to have any militaristic aims. It also has almost unanimous support from the larger corporations of the moon.


Despite their usually peaceful leanings, Avalon would like nothing more than to see the entire city flattened by nuclear fire. They are never hesitant to point out the illegality of much of what Red Haven facilitates the development and export of. For his part, Angolmois takes all this in stride. He and is friendly, if blunt, with Avalon. He believes that Red Haven will go out of business when there is no longer a market for the type of production they facilitate.


There is a rumor that Angolmois is planning to make some kind of move against Avalon. Depending on the source, the rumor is often met with dismissal, as Angolmois has never shown any public sign of aggression in anything besides business negotiation.


There are also rumors beginning to circulate that Red Haven and the Quisivati are working on a way to enhance signal strength and protection for a permanent satellite network. If this is true, it is unclear how much success they have seen so far.