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Underwater colonies tend to be built into sturdy cliff sides, with massive trade districts behind huge thirty meter tall triple-paned walls of glass which give a view of the exterior seas and their submarine docking facilities, showing the bounty of the ocean as well as the beauty of the undersea forests in the sub glacial Sea of Asgard.


Aquilon was born alongside the first generation of humanity to never see earth. It began life as a research station situated on the Perpetua Glacier. At that time it was simply known as Glacier Run. The facility dug into the ice below for storage space, and eventually was forced to use that same space for living quarters as colonists moved north.


Aquilon's defining moment came when an outbreak of animus caused the residents of Glacier Run to seek shelter in their buried storage facilities. Trapped beneath the ice for more than a year, the colonists were forced to make due with whatever they had available. Necessity saw the invention of space and resource rationing techniques that would turn a casual scientific outpost into a culture of extreme efficiency. When the animus threat was cleared from the surface, many of those underneath the ice decided not to return. These one time storage facilities were expanded into the city of Deep Aquilon. Those who chose to return to the surface began to explore the furthest reaches of their frozen homeland while the inhabitants of Deep Aquilon set their sights on the bottom of the ocean.


The Aquilonians were earning a reputation as explorers and visionaries, with many other colonists admiring them. They lost much of their appeal when they drafted a national military spearheaded by their recently formed knightly order, the Templar Aquilonia. Turning their scientific might to the development of high energy weapons, the Aquilonians earned a reputation as warmongers among some factions as these developments were widely unpopular outside of the Kingdom of Ice. These fears proved mostly unfounded, as Aquilon focused more on internal protection than external violence.


In more recent times, Aquilon has worried the global community with its ever increasing rivalry with Xanadu. As two of the most powerful factions on the moon, an impending war between the two could be disastrous for more than simply the factions involved. The Nations of Aquilon and Xanadu have an uneasy relationship. Both are members of the Avalon Council, but they are often at opposite ends of discussion. Making things worse is the fact that both factions compete in the production of state of the art technology, and each has some of the best academic institutions in the world. The factions see each other as rivals both economically and culturally.


For now, Aquilon seems content to be seen as the slightly eccentric visionary of the world. They still push the bounds of science. Though they do not always go as far as the Quisivati, their wares are often much more useful in daily life.


What few outside of the frozen north are aware of is that Aquilon cannot claim credit for all of their advancements. As the Deep Aquilonians dug ever more into the glacier beneath them, they began to discover a network of tunnels already present. These tunnels appeared to be crafted as living arrangements for some civilization of the past, one that has left behind many artifacts buried in the ice. Some of Aquilon's biggest scientific advancements were simply the result of researching the many strange finds that they dig up in their ever expanding empire.

Demesne of the Quisivati

The Quisivati


Origin of name: The latin word quisivi, or 'to seek carefully, inquire after, investigate.'

Form of government: Technological Oligarchy.

National Color: White & Black.

National Tree: Olive Tree.

National Bird: Albino Raven.


The Quisivati are an organization known for their rabid technological pursuit and insatiable urge for privacy. Their main home, the Tower of Intellect, is located in the Chain of Tears on an island known as Carlsworth Flats. The tower contains virtually all their needs; self sustaining hydroponics as well as living, working and recreational facilities. Outsiders often refer to it as the Tower of Hubris.


The Quisivati are ruled by a council of six 'Cardinals of Principle,' each one representing the specific area of principle scientific inquiry in ascendance at the time of appointment. Each cardinal reports to the 'The Illuminated,' an individual sardonically referred to by outsiders as the 'Pope,' a title that they despise. The Illuminated serves an unspecified term, typically until their area of specialization is not in technological ascendance and a vote of the council brings a new Illuminated forth to take his place.


The Illuminated is best likened to a corporate financier, he decides which areas of research receive what amount of funds for venture capital or personal living expenses. His personal staff deals with outside investors to provide the funds he has at his disposal. They also determine and dispense what technology they're willing to part with in trade to the other major factions.


The Citizens of The Quisivati are force fed advanced education from a young age. Families and singles enjoy spacious private living, and top notch state paid health care. Their institutes of learning are very exclusive, but considered to be nearly on par with or superior to their rival scientific institutes. Though their general curriculum tends to be lacking due to their focuses on the sciences, their compulsory education is among the finest on the planet.


However, their scientific studies and the technology they produce differ grossly from those created by Aquilon or Xanadu. Whereas Aquilon represents a steady attempt to move forward at a reasonable rate and Xanadu represents solid reliable technology, The Quisivati spreads its technological roots in all directions, including fringe sciences which would otherwise be considered complete lunacy. Many of their technological feats are either so advanced, or simply so radically different from the technology of others, as to appear as magic to the uninitiated.


To be put in the most blunt fashion, their areas of study can be esoteric almost to the point

of being arcane. With the great difficulties outsiders have in ever attaining entrance to a Quisivati academy, it is far more time and cost effective to seek education elsewhere and learn sciences which are far less inscrutable to the world at large.


The Vati, as they're called, tend to be extremely whimsical and will often take a more circuitous route than necessary to solve a problem or engage in personal interactions with others. They have developed an extreme love of keeping their substantial knowledge to themselves, unless they need to give it to others, and tend to barter secrets for secrets in an almost amazingly neurotic way.


A few of The Vati are masters of eavesdropping, and, often through means unknown, can acquire recordings or secure information as if it were child's play. As a result, corporations and government agencies around the world, regardless of faction, often find themselves sweating bullets when a Vati, who might merely be an ordinary civilian, is sighted within a country mile of their establishments.


They respect cunning and intelligence above almost anything else. Nepotism has almost no place in their society and children who don't make the cut in their scholastically driven societies will often be pushed out into the world to make their fortune as scientific advisory personnel or information brokers. Rarely they will also become adventurers. Those who opt to stay often become highly educated laborers, doing the legwork as engineers or technicians, turning their people's raw scientific data into practical technology to put bread on the table. They seldom receive even a fraction of the respect of those who are involved in pure research.


The Quisivati have no military, and in their own words, need none. They claim their natural defenses and superior technology are all the protection their secretive society could ever need. Those who have never seen it before have difficulty recognizing Vati weaponry. Personal weapons are often concealed within a staff, cane or walking stick. Even their jewelry, including an object as small as a ring can contain potent energy weapons. It’s also extremely common for them to carry energy blades with an almost ludicrously small power source.


While the Vati are an extremely skeptical group of people with regards to outsiders, medeans tend to be frowned on the most. The technology to create them is seen as a bizarre pseudo scientific cult. The irony of this is not lost on those who understand the faction as its citizens are basically a cult to the god of science. As such, medeans have to work harder than others to receive the respect they deserve from their peers.


Crime exists within the tower of Intellect itself. Bribery, illegal sale of proprietary technology/information, theft and even murder aren’t uncommon. To combat these crimes, a special squad of trained law enforcement officers known as the Aurum Miraculum exists. They are often simply called the Aurum for their distinctive gold chokers, and are commonly known by outsiders and insiders alike as the Gold Throats.


The Quisivati get along well with most of their political rivals and colleagues, however they find themselves extremely wary in their dealings with both Aquilon and Xanadu. These two extremely powerful nations represent formidable threats to their position as scientific and technological innovators. The Quisivati seem to be the most concerned with the rapid technological leaps and bounds made by their less than ethical competitors, Red Haven. They’ve been rumored to have many carefully placed spies in the inner workings of their rivals in an attempt to bring down what they see as a sickening regime of unprincipled scientific madmen.