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Underwater colonies tend to be built into sturdy cliff sides, with massive trade districts behind huge thirty meter tall triple-paned walls of glass which give a view of the exterior seas and their submarine docking facilities, showing the bounty of the ocean as well as the beauty of the undersea forests in the sub glacial Sea of Asgard.


Aquilon was born alongside the first generation of humanity to never see earth. It began life as a research station situated on the Perpetua Glacier. At that time it was simply known as Glacier Run. The facility dug into the ice below for storage space, and eventually was forced to use that same space for living quarters as colonists moved north.


Aquilon's defining moment came when an outbreak of animus caused the residents of Glacier Run to seek shelter in their buried storage facilities. Trapped beneath the ice for more than a year, the colonists were forced to make due with whatever they had available. Necessity saw the invention of space and resource rationing techniques that would turn a casual scientific outpost into a culture of extreme efficiency. When the animus threat was cleared from the surface, many of those underneath the ice decided not to return. These one time storage facilities were expanded into the city of Deep Aquilon. Those who chose to return to the surface began to explore the furthest reaches of their frozen homeland while the inhabitants of Deep Aquilon set their sights on the bottom of the ocean.


The Aquilonians were earning a reputation as explorers and visionaries, with many other colonists admiring them. They lost much of their appeal when they drafted a national military spearheaded by their recently formed knightly order, the Templar Aquilonia. Turning their scientific might to the development of high energy weapons, the Aquilonians earned a reputation as warmongers among some factions as these developments were widely unpopular outside of the Kingdom of Ice. These fears proved mostly unfounded, as Aquilon focused more on internal protection than external violence.


In more recent times, Aquilon has worried the global community with its ever increasing rivalry with Xanadu. As two of the most powerful factions on the moon, an impending war between the two could be disastrous for more than simply the factions involved. The Nations of Aquilon and Xanadu have an uneasy relationship. Both are members of the Avalon Council, but they are often at opposite ends of discussion. Making things worse is the fact that both factions compete in the production of state of the art technology, and each has some of the best academic institutions in the world. The factions see each other as rivals both economically and culturally.


For now, Aquilon seems content to be seen as the slightly eccentric visionary of the world. They still push the bounds of science. Though they do not always go as far as the Quisivati, their wares are often much more useful in daily life.


What few outside of the frozen north are aware of is that Aquilon cannot claim credit for all of their advancements. As the Deep Aquilonians dug ever more into the glacier beneath them, they began to discover a network of tunnels already present. These tunnels appeared to be crafted as living arrangements for some civilization of the past, one that has left behind many artifacts buried in the ice. Some of Aquilon's biggest scientific advancements were simply the result of researching the many strange finds that they dig up in their ever expanding empire.

Council city of Avalon

Mankind will not survive in this harsh world

unless it can cooperate.



Origin of name: A mythical island paradise where heroes were taken for burial after death.


Form of government: Elected Septumvirate.


National Color: Light Blue.


National Tree: Willow.


National Bird: Dove.


Avalon is the smallest faction in size, but the most powerful in range of influence. A shining beacon of a city meant to be the brilliant torch with which factions would lead their people towards a bright future. The Council of Avalon does not consider itself to be a faction but rather an international organization whose main purpose is to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and the achievement of world peace. It contains multiple subsidiary organizations, such as the Missive Union, to carry out its missions.


After The Great War, world peace was established as one of the most important goals of the council. No one really wanted to see a repetition of that horrible event. Avalon is the faction responsible for arbitrating disputes with and between the other seven member factions. They act as the Law Givers of New Horizon. The Council of Avalon represents the central government, which presides over other governments, and the other governments are all part of the working process of Avalon.


The seven main factions of New Horizon are all members of The Council of Avalon. Other factions exist, but they are not members of the council. The Avalon factions are Aquilon’s Reach, The Port of Narehl, New Chanian Conclave, The Quisivati, Trapper Town (Walk of Man), Warhead Keep, and Xanadu. They are bound together by an agreement, known as The Avalon Accords, to work toward peace in the world. Each faction within the council sends a representative, called a Septumvir, to represent their people. Every four years, a Septumvir is selected to become the Supreme Arbiter, the presiding ruler of the council with limited power of veto and the ability to command the intervention of Warhead in the event of any threat to society at large.


Avalon itself is but one city, one massive city. The single most progressive city in the world, save perhaps for Deep Aquilon. Avalon is a glittering paradise composed of the finest architectural wonders and technology the world has to offer. Designed to impart a sense of wonder and recapture the visual glory of Earth’s ancient cities, Avalon is a visual feast of contrasting and complementary shapes and colors sporting many plazas, parks and open

markets. Avalon exerts a powerful influence over global commerce, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, research, science, education, entertainment and politics.

The city of Avalon, the heart and soul of the emerging civilization of New Horizon, is the home of the world’s centralized government, and the Vanguard Security Force. As such, it’s considered a prime target for any possible insurrection. The Council of Avalon is located in a massive complex of buildings located outside the central area of the city.


The city is a massive circular walled settlement, with much remaining wilderness between its central governmental complexes and the surrounding industrial complex. One can go from a crowded city center to manicured wilderness in a matter of minutes. Avalon also has a large number of amusement parks and gardens. The city has many nicknames, but its most famous one is “The City of Endless Light” because of the way the city glows both during the day and the night.


Avalonian citizens are very down-to-earth people with a strong belief in coexistence and justice. Not especially adventurous, they will often give themselves over to wanderlust if they feel it supports the greater good. Local clothes tend to be a mishmash of global fashions from around the world, and particular regional styles seem to come in and out of fashion. True Avalonian citizens are quite few, numbering less than twenty five thousand. Those denizens of Avalon who are true citizens are typically government workers who have renounced factional allegiance. These citizens, as agents of the council at one level or another, have exceptional health care and education in their selected fields.


Job security and pay are also a cut above the normal, as Avalon is the soul of fidelity and does not forget those who work hard for its ideals, even those who stray. Those few who are expelled from Avalon, for one reason or another, are not simply dumped but are given generous severance packages.


Wherever there are powerful politicians, there are always going to be those willing to exploit sensitive information for their own ends. The infamous Corridor X, the politicians’ boogiemen, investigates these individuals. Their mere interest or presence is often enough to inspire fear, and they are often deployed to major ministries simply to keep everyone in line. There is also Corridor XI, better known as Domestic Tranquility, or often simply ‘tranquility’.


Tranquility officers perform all the basic police functions. Their reputation is virtually spotless. Their agents are always selectively chosen for fidelity and capability, and trained by Warhead’s MP training division.


Avalon, by nature, does business with all other Avalon Accord factions, although they do have reservations about Xanadu and The Port of Narehl due to the self-centered worldview of Xanadu and the somewhat seedy nature of The Port of Narehl’s open market. However, they’re extremely supportive of The Missive Union, who they call their backbone, and the disciplined young of Warhead, who they call their strong right arm. They also provide financial aid to all cultural reclamation zones seeking to restore lost Earth culture.


Despite its grandeur and ideals, Avalon's record is not spotless. Although generally recorded history has forgotten the truth, the Great War was the direct result of the actions of Titania Mosphin, the Arbiter of the Council at the time. Titania had been manipulated from the start into framing Selaya as a distraction for her own schemes, the revival of an ancient alien machine which identified itself as Oberon. It is unknown what Oberon's fate was after the Great War, but some within Avalon believe he survived the conflict.